Company Profile

Lipp GmbH supplies tank solutions for the Water Utility, Renewable Energy Waste Processing and  Industrial Processing Industries, including Pharmaceutical, Food and Beverage and Oil and Gas. Providing a wide variety of tank applications including; anaerobic digestion tanks, gas accumulator tanks, storage tanks, pressure vessels & silos as well as water and waste water processing tanks – all employing the Lipp Tank System (engineered in Germany) with its unique dual-seam tank construction technology. Lipp in Germany has over 57 years of development & innovation, with over 170 registered patents and over 50,000 tanks installed in 80 Countries worldwide.

Lipp UK is the sales and marketing office for Lipp in the United Kingdom and offers the full range of Lipp products and services to the British and Irish markets.

Overview of Lipp Products and Services

The Lipp Dual-Seam System allows leak proof tanks to be rapidly constructed onsite for containment of solid, liquid and gaseous substances; utilising the Lipp automatic tank construction manufacturing process, steel bands are folded over twice at their edges, interconnecting them to form a dual seam spiral construction method. The unique design provides maximum tank integrity and clean joins so that even aggressive liquids in the container’s interior find no attackable surfaces for corrosion, thus ensuring that maximum impermeability is achieved.

Lipp tanks are characterised by outstanding quality. Due to their unique construction method they provide extreme stability, even the largest containers, which can be over 40 m in diameter, are resistant to horizontal pressure, meaning maximum safety is ensured. The effective means against premature corrosion? An edgeless, smooth surface on the interior created by the dual fold construction method. Another specific benefit: the size of the containers is variable between three and more than 40 metres in diameter.The tanks and containers are manufactured from metallic composite materials, using stainless steel skin inside and structural galvanised steel on the outside, separated by a polymer sealing layer. The inner surface is matched to the chemical and physical properties of the respective substrate contents that are to be stored and/or treated.

In addition to patented manufacturing technologies, Lipp also develops its own unique tank construction materials. Verinox ™ is a composite metal material utilising different grades of Stainless Steel as an inner liner, mated to a Galvanised Steel outer layer by a high integrity polymer. In creating this composite material Lipp are able to offer customised tank material applications, utilising high grade Stainless Steel materials, without the high expense of solid stainless steel walls.